Slices mission Breifing

a cake walk, right?

Okay, here’s the plan troops, when the train stops at Industrial district, we get out and quietly neutralize the guards on station. We can do this fast or quite, but, and this is important people, we have to disable the officer on duty before he gets an alarm out. Otherwise our lives get real interesting real quick.

Once that’s done, we head into the district proper, pick the gate to the power plant, and slip into the yard. it should be pretty empty at this time of night, but there may be monitoring systems, so keep a low profile. If there are guards, and you can’t get in without a fight, be sure to do it quietly.

Once at the yard, we have the codes to get open the three high security doors, so cool your jets while I get them open, Charlie, we already have the keys, so keep your hands to yourself.

Once into the plant proper, stealth isn’t really an option, so this is where the clock starts, neutralize any workers or guards you find, and make a Beeline to the Security room, the maintenance elevator has a double lock out, and cant engage until the security doors are all closed again, and short of leaving someone behind, you can only do this from that Room. There will be guards, they will be armed, I trust I don’t have to walk you through it.

Once the elevator is working, hop in and take it down to sub-level 4, that’s the cooling station, and in addition to the next stop on our little mission, is our way out, sanitize it well.

From there you need to take the maintenance corridor to the scaffolding above the reactor, a small hitch here, there isn’t actually a walkway between the scaffolding and the upper reactor housing, you are going to need to jump it, and secure a rope to both sides, don’t botch this or your stuck.

Once you are across, take the emergency ladder down to the lower scaffolding, which should take you right up to the reactor core itself, place the bomb and get out. Reports indicate GeneC might have some kind of new security system down there, but you should have enough firepower to handle it. That’s probably the last easy part, from here things get complicated.

Retrace your steps up the emergency ladder and across the ropes and scaffolding, and climb the cooling station. Damage it, but don’t destroy it. A small bomb to the control consul should be fine. That SHOULD trigger the fail safe and drain the reactor coolant from the drainage tunnels, if it doesn’t, get creative.
Next, take the small walkway over to the pumping systems, and enter the tunnels. Head north (away from the reactor) till you have passed two blast doors, the first should be open and the second closed. These were only recently installed, and are there to keep us out, not in, and the inner door is rigged to seal if the outer door fails or is tampered with, this is important, as the blast doors are thick enough with the inner door sealed, you should be safe from the reactor explosion, and can follow the tunnel right out to the reservoir, split up and get back to base.

If everyone survives, the drinks are on me. Slice



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